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Tonight I wrapped up my last shift at the Daily Record, the way I've wrapped up most shifts — quietly and tiredly, as one of the last staffers (but not quite the last staffer) to leave for the night. I did what I do most nights — see off the DR print edition as deadline passes, and guide into the new day. It was nice to be able to leave on such a familiar note.

I said goodbyes, all of them bittersweet. I promised to stay in touch (and I will!). I trained my successor, the very deserving Meghan Van Dyk, who will do great things as the DR's new assistant digital editor. As valuable as my peers at the Daily Record have made me feel for the last three years, I know they'll continue to do wonderful work well after I'm gone. I look forward to enjoying that work as a reader, and trying to meet the challenge it presents as a competitor.

I joined the DR in a job defined by the print; I'm leaving it in one defined by the Web. It's a journey I hope and believe has prepared me well for my next adventure, as a regional editor at Along the way, I've worked with so many great people, people who've taught me so many valuable lessons.

Among them:
* Bill Demarest, who taught me to pick my battles, and to fight like Hell. Bill showed me time and time again that a little creativity and a lot of determination can make something extraordinary out of even the rawest material. See you on the other side, Bill.
* Jim Namiotka, who let me run with wacky ideas — and who encouraged me to be wackier. Jim's got an fantastic talent for not only recognizing potential, but for identifying the missing ingredient that makes potential practical. Attention, current DR staffers: When Jim says, "Hey, you know what," it's time to listen.
* Adam Hollaneck, whose everyday genius reminded me it's possible for talent to shine bright without burning out. My best designs remain an attempt to answer this question: WWAD? What Would Adam Do?
* Jack Bowie, a leader, a mentor and a sounding board. Jack's experience, perspective and wisdom are invaluable. So's his open ear. Jack's the glue holding the DR newsroom together. Jack's the kind of newsman I want to be when I grow up.

There are others — many others. Friends and peers, each one. I'm privileged to have met and worked alongside them all.

It's been my honor, Daily Record.


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