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Patch makes me a better person ...

... well, at least it asks me to do nice things. AOL — which owns my new employer, — recently asked its employees to find opportunities to volunteer in their communities. At Patch, we focused on helping the communities we serve — or, in my case, will serve — as part of our Give 5 program (see the "Giving Back" section here).

The region I'll be leading includes…


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Goodbye, Daily Record

Tonight I wrapped up my last shift at the Daily Record, the way I've wrapped up most shifts — quietly and tiredly, as one of the last staffers (but not quite the last staffer) to leave for the night. I did what I do most nights — see off the DR print edition as deadline passes, and guide into the new day. It was nice to be able to leave on such a familiar note.

I said goodbyes,…


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Don't put all your eggs in one digital basket

Here’s an old idea the digital age kindly renews every so often: Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket.

If you’ve ever done any sort of work with complex systems, you’ve heard the phrase “single point of failure.” It’s a term for what you’re supposed to avoid: A component that, when it fails, brings the whole system crashing down. Think of a Rube Goldberg contraption after the birdie’s flown off and… Continue

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Wow. I've been busy.

Here's the official job-listing description of the post I'm vacating. Actually, it misses some things (I edit sports copy twice a week), but it's essentially right. Jeez. I've been busy.

The post is for the Daily Record, in Morris County, New Jersey.

Position is responsible for managing The Daily Record website 5 evenings a week, as well as the responsibility for how it appears the following early morning. Daily duties include editing Daily…


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J.D. Lasica reminds us of how independent journalism came to Rutgers

J.D. Lasica knows a thing or two about using media (and social media) to advance the public good.

A gathering looms — one of former staffers of The Daily Targum, the student newspaper at Rutgers University, where both Lasica and I (though a few decades apart) learned valuable lessons about what it means to be a journalist.

Lasica won't be there, but he…


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Jarvis' 'This is BS' ... is BS (sort of)

Jeff Jarvis — the journalism professor, author, and leading voice in new and social media — just posted a video of his recent lecture from TEDxNYED: “This is Bullshit." (I was prudish; I censored it in my…


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AP gave in. This is a "website."

Since the Intrar-Web-Iverse first came onto the public radar, the Associated Press Stylebook — the style bible for news organizations everywhere — has insisted the Web is made up of "Web sites." Not websites. The thinking: Web is short for World Wide Web, and therefore a proper noun. A site is just a site. Ain't nothing proper about that.

But today, the AP gave in to overwhelming popular usage. Here's the e-mail I just got via my online stylebook…

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I was on Friendster trolling for girls before all y’all

I’m getting a little tired of all the chatter surrounding social media.

That’s not the sort of thing people in the news industry are supposed to say — since we’re all clumsily wandering about, hoping to stumble into the promised land of milk, honey and relevance social media (excuse me,… Continue

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