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What is Media Hookup?

Media Hookup is a community of media professionals and others in the creative arts. It's a place to show off your work, find collaborators for projects, ask for advice, list (or find) jobs and bounce ideas around. If you're a newsie, a musician, a graphic artist, a photographer, a blogger — or just about any other type of creative person — you're welcome here.

There aren't a lot of people yet. What's up with that?

Media Hookup is brand-spankin' new. It's mostly populated by friends and associates of creator Louis C. Hochman — though that's already changing, and anyway, Lou's got a lot of talented friends. We've got reporters, photographers, videographers, cartoonists, graphic designers, Web designers and a lot more on board already.

You can help Media Hookup grow, though. Pass the word on to others in your field, or hit the invite link up at the top of the site.

How do I get started?

You'll want to hit the My Page link up top, and start building your profile. There's a few tips on making the most of your profile in our forums (and more tips are on the way). The blog is great for showing off writing (it's even better if you tag your work) or introducing work you've got on other sites. There's a photo gallery (which doubles as a nice place for designs), a video player and a music player as well.

You might even want to consider making your profile your primary portfolio site (Lou does) — we'd be flattered!

What else?

Reach out to other MH members, in your field or in others. Reach individuals by messaging them or writing on their walls. Have something to say to a broader audience? Try the forums, or the groups.

Do I haaaaaaaave to keep coming back here if I want to keep up on what's new with MH?

Well, all the cool kids do, but we're also keeping the Intar-webs up to speed with our Facebook page and Twitter feed. And if you want every last detail, you can subscribe to various areas of MH via RSS.

Any limits on what I can post?

No porn (offsite links to suggestive/sensual/nude but legit art/photography are fine). No hate speech. No abuse of fellow members.

And nothing you don't have the legal right to post under intellectual property laws. If you're not sure you're OK posting a piece, it may be best to link to it at its proper home, or even embed it in a blog or other page here, if the legal owner provides codes for it (like YouTube does).

Your site is lame. But it would be the best thing, like ever, if you'd take my one suggestion.

Go to Lou's profile and drop a line.

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