All Groups - Media Hookup 2013-01-28T18:12:33Z Photographers and videographers,2010-03-27:5403302:Group:335 2010-03-27T18:47:05.000Z Louis C. Hochman 4 members 4 members<br> People who see the world for its moments. 2010-04-12T08:19:12Z Designers,2010-03-27:5403302:Group:329 2010-03-27T18:11:31.000Z Louis C. Hochman 7 members 7 members<br> Graphic designers, Web designers, layout artists and others who make things pop. 2010-04-06T02:21:08Z Writers,2010-03-27:5403302:Group:326 2010-03-27T17:59:36.000Z Louis C. Hochman 6 members 6 members<br> Journalists, marketing writers, authors 2010-04-28T22:53:35Z