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It's pretty straightforward to see that the MH blog can be used to show off your written work. With the functions on the toolbar at the top, it can also be used for photos, and you can attach just about any type of file you've got handy by hitting the icon that looks like a blank page (between the photo and link icons).

But what's less obvious is how to keep things organized so that visitors can find your work. Tags are the answer.

I've got two major categories on my blog right now: News Clips and Opinion Clips. I tag them as newslch and opinionlch. If I've got a piece I want to give more than one tag, I use commas to separate them: "newslch, opinionlch."

When you're on your My Blog page, you'll see a list of the tags you've been using in the bottom-right. Hit one, and you'll bring up any post tagged that way.

That only does you so much good — you can't expect every visitor to know to look for your tags. But you can point them there. Once you hit a tag and it brings up your results, copy the URL from the address bar of your browser. Use that link anywhere you want — like in the all-powerful text box on your profile page — to show off your work!.

Here's an example: This link shows off all my newslch posts.

And here's how I use those links on my own profile page.

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