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By now you've probably set up your profile, added some basic information, maybe added a few portfolio pieces via the gallery or the blog. That's a good start.

The platform used to create MH lays out the sections of your profile the way it's creators think most people will want them — activity is up top, with profile information and some of your media (photos, blog, etc) below. But this is a place to show off that work, so you might want to mix things up a bit.

Media Hookup lets you drag and drop those sections — move them up and down, or even into different

Don't want a section to appear at all? Hit edit, and set the amount of items you're showing to 0. It'll become invisible to visitors, but you'll still be able to access it from your own view of your profile, in case you want to add any media later.

In my case, I pushed up the text box section to provide an introduction to my page (the part that starts with "I am Lou. Lou I am"). I find it's a good way to welcome people, and introduce prospective collaborators to my work. The text box, by the way, is a powerful tool — you can add photos, upload and link just about any kind of file, and even embed tools from other sites (like Picasa slideshows or YouTube videos).

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