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Hi all - I'm officially on board with and -VERY- actively looking to hire journalists in northern New Jersey. If you're job-hunting, apply! If not, help me spread the word! is a network of local news sites. Each site (generally) covers one town – and covers it completely. The emphasis is on community. There's no such thing as a story too small, and certainly no such thing as a story too big. We're looking to fill in the gap that's been left as papers cut back and regionalize, sacrificing on-the-ground local coverage. We've got 53 towns so far (16 in N.J.), and those numbers are growing FAST; we're launching several new sites every month. The plan: to become the biggest news network around, one town at a time – and to do with a deadline of yesterday. is a startup, but a serious one. AOL bought it last year, and has made a major investment in it. Its editor in chief is the former editor of Time Out New York. I'm a regional editor; I've been involved in Web and print community journalism for a dozen years. The other N.J. regional editor is a veteran of MSNBC and Court TV. These are ambitious people with histories of success. The pay and benefits are highly competitive.

I'm primarily looking to hire editors to cover towns in and around Morris County; others here are looking to fill spots throughout N.J. (first focusing on the northern part of the state) and beyond. As site editor, you'd have tremendous responsibility – you'd cover several stories a week, and manage a team of freelancers (with a decent freelancer budget) to handle the rest. There's lots of support available from people like me, but it's your show – you're the person most responsible for making a mark on your community.

I'm also looking to build a team of freelancers and others who can contribute to the team on a regular, but not necessarily full-time basis.

First up on my list is Morristown, which is a fantastic place to find news. It's a town in the middle of major redevelopment. It's a cultural and social hub. Charitable and volunteer organizations are everywhere. It's the county seat. The politics are real. And for some reason, underground explosions keep blowing manhole covers sky high. We've got to do Morristown right – and I'm very eager to meet an editor candidate with the drive and smarts to make it happen. It's one of a dozen or so openings I've got right now, each one a great opportunity for any flexible, bright and motivated journalist.

There's an official job listing here: If you're interested, apply with the instructions there, but also drop me a line at; we can begin speaking less formally while your application winds its way through the recruiting folks' process.

Lou Hochman
Regional Editor, Northern New Jersey

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What is the required experience for a contributor?
For a local editor, we'd need some real news experience -- but for a freelancer, not necessarily. If you can write well and understand what makes a good news story -- and your first few assignments demonstrate that -- then any local editor would be happy to work with you.

Kevin Haughwout said:
What is the required experience for a contributor?

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